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Post by Mr McSexy on Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:23 pm


1. When innocent, you can only shoot someone on truly valid grounds*.
2. Only detectives can give orders, disobeying allows the detectives to hurt (but not instakill) as a warning.
3. Throwing grenades at random, in a way they may hurt people, is not allowed as innocent.
4. Propkilling / significant hurting when alive equals shooting a person. When dead, this is bannable.
5. Random C4 disarming is not allowed, you have to be sure it is safe. Don't risk other innocents' lives!
6. Don't let the time run out as a traitor, don't waste other peoples time <no camping>.
7. Using any map-specific trap (dynamite, gas, breaking the tester , etc.) with the intention to hurt someone is a traitors act.
8. Be forgiving. People make mistakes. You can always mark them suspect when in doubt.
9. Your name should be pronouncable and typable. When asked to change name, do so or get kicked.
10. Don't overuse the voice chat, don't mic spam, don't sing.
11. No flaming / extreme swearing / discrimination / racism .
12. No glitching, exploiting, hacks or scripts and other related ways of cheating.
13. Metagaming / ghosting is NEVER allowed, this will result in a permanent ban.
14. Do not kill rulebreakers. Don't take the law into your own hands, only shoot in self defense.
15. Detectives do not abuse the Taser .
16. Admins' word is final, we are above the rules as we actually wrote them.
17. Incase of gravity change prop-surfing is not allowed.
18. Breaking the tester is a killable offence.
19. Destroying the health station is also a killable offence.
20. Nobody is allowed to camp T room, if you are just talking camping in general anyone can camp anywhere unless they are the last one alive on their team.

*INVALID grounds to shoot someone:
-He is hurt
-He has fired his weapon, even if he nearly hit you
-He is stalking you / hugging you
-He is AFK / standing still
-Not responding to a live-check
-His weapon matches the weapon used to kill someone
-You obviously walked into his line of fire and got hit
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