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Post by Cooperative2222 on Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:49 pm

Hi, im Cooperative2222/Asbjørn (Yeah i know that o with a / over it is weird, But im from Denmark..) I am a 12 year old boy that lives in Denmark and i have been playing on RetributionX for 5 or 6 days now.
I want to be a staff member because- I like the people on the community and i dont want them to get harrased. I have experiance with difficult players because i have been a admin on another TTT server where there was alot of problems Etc Rdm'ers (Which there will be on any server) And Harrasers both to me and other players, i left there community because of all the harrasment. And if i could be a staff i would do my best to warn/kick/ban those people.

That arkward moment when people dont respond when you ask them if they like you... Well some people answered me (After some minutes) And they said yes ! Even TWO mods said that i would be good, so i take that as a positive. I think i deserve it because people say i do, i dont want to be a staff if nobody likes me. I only want to be staff if i could be "In use" and make something productive.
Today i actually helped somebody that just started, he really needed some help because he dident know how to take out his gun. After a half an hour he understood the meaning of the T room... But back on topic.
I play up to 6 hours a day (weekdays) In weekends i can play up to 10 a day.

Im really active on all forums i join i have Crome and have it in my favorites, Im in a CS group i have been there for half a year and i have 200 posts. Ingame i try to be as active as possible, i have a mic and a good keyboard, i try to make it to events as often as i can but its quite hard when your family wants you to watch a movie with them, and we have different time zones.

Yes if you look somewhere above you can see, They deleted there server and forums, and i dont have any activety with them anymore. There name was
WELOVEDANISHGAMERSDK (Yes it was a Danish server).
I really love owners, cause they are the most nice people in the world Very Happy Paul is one of the best owners i ever met Very Happy Me and my friend von gnome bowserkiller played on the server yesterday, i did'ent breake any rules but he broke alot Sad I dident want him to get banned so i talked to him, but it was to late. He got a Permban for Mass RDM and i also think he deserved it.. But you know that feeling when your friends do something wrong you wanna protect them and try not to get them banned.. I luckely dident breake any rules thats why im writing this, so nobody like my friend will RDM they will just get a ban.
I have alot of friends on the server, andrew Etahn Sherlock Mr happyman Mr Sam and Of course Paul Very Happy
I have now been playing TTT for 7 months and i have played GMod for over 600 hours (On my friends computer and mine) I only gor 300 hours on my computer and 350 on his but for some reason it dident save the hours over Steam cloud.
I dont have any experiance in the programming, all i know is you get an achivement when you get over 500 lua errors (Lua is coding Right?) YAY I KNOW CODING!
Something hmmm.. Well you see, i go in 6th grade in Århus Denmark (yay another weird letter) I have a rabbit called Lion its 8 months old, I love gaming with my friends in my spare time I play over 10 different games. When i dont play games i go to Kajak (In the summer of course) It was quite cold when me and my friend Markus fell in the water in October when the water only was 13 degress celsius. Well i have a little brother a mother and a father. I think that covers it all Thanks for reading Smile Hope you will consider it.
Regards Cooperative2222/ Asbjørn


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