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Post by BIG HEAD on Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:55 pm

Hi guys when I applied for a mod I said that I will do 3 things which are 1- Active in the forums 2- Active in server 3- Improve the server with you guys.

And I am opening this discussion to improve this server because i REALLY like this server and the people in it. i am here to talk about the way you admins + owners deal with the mods. I think it is kind of unfair to remove a command or anything from ALL mods because some of mods have over used it like the "!hp + !respawn" commands. i have an idea to deal with a problem like this

1- remove the thing that the current mod over use it from him ONLY

2- ask the mod why he did the command or whatever he did and if you guys dont think it is enough reason give him a warning and once the mod gets like 3 warnings demot him from his rank

Why am I saying that?

1- because a mod like me have never over used any command and such , so it has nothing to do with me so why do you take something from me and i am using it wisely.

2- if you guys keep this way with mods i am sure that after not a long time mod rank will be equal to trusted rank.

I really hope you guys take this discussion srsly, thank you.


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Post by mister monkey on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:23 am

we could indeed make a list.
i've seen some moderators abuse it.

big head is not one of them


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