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Post by AndreasGan on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:44 am

Here's my application:

In-game name- Andrew
real name-Andreas
how old are you?-13
How long have you been playing the server?-3 days ( or 2 )
Why do you think you should be a part of our staff in RetributionX?-Because you aren't that many, and it is a lot of RDM going on in TTT. I think It will help to get more players, and less rulebreaking.
Does anyone think you deserve it? I don't know.
Why do you think you deserve it? I don't think I "deserve" it. Staff positions arent something I look at as a thing you deserve. I mostly only want to apply to help.
Have you helped someone?-Yes. I helped some newbie. And I've taught a guy or two how to use pointsshop.
How long can you play each day?-At least half an hour, depending on the day.
Are you active on both forums and in-game?-I guess, yeah.
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?-Yes and no. I've never been staff on a TTT server, but on minecraft. I had my own minecraft server a year ago.
Do you respect owners?-Yes!
Have you broken any rules?-I don't think so, no.
Do players like you?-I think so.
How long you been playing TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) ?-Only a week or so. Bought it on sale, but I've learnt almost everything now.
Do you have any experience in programming? If so what-Yes. I've been working with coding (including HTML/CSS) since I was 8. I know Java, A lot of C++, A bit C (I think it's quite similar to C++ though.), some PHP, and there's more, but I can't think of them at the moment.
Tell us a little about yourself-I like to have fun with friends, like playing games or playing sports. I used to do a lot of "magic" as a hobby, but not as much anymore.

- Andrew


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My Awesome Application Empty Re: My Awesome Application

Post by Mr McSexy on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:52 pm

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your application and interest in joining the RetributionX staff team!

Thanks for your Application! as you can see I'm always active on the forums and anything posted I will always reply on. Please notice, I have read your staff application and it seems to interest me I will keep a close eye on you and get back to you ASAP.

~Yours Truly, Josh.
Mr McSexy
Mr McSexy

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