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Post by SoNawty on Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:22 am

Hello Staff and Members,
Here is my Mod Application for the RetributionX TTT Server.

In-game name= [RX] SoNawty
real name= Twan van Antwerpen
how old are you?= 15
How long have you been playing the server?= +/- 22 Hours
Why do you think you should be a part of our staff in RetributionX?= I can have a high uptime in the server, I want to learn Garry's Mod better and Trouble in Terrorist Town. Like the commands, and ofcourse help out you guys when you dont have time to get online.
Does anyone think you deserve it?= [RX] Random Pizza
Why do you think you deserve it?= Because I don't rage on others, and I am always someone who figures out what happend.
Have you helped someone?= If they ask me something I will help, for example someone asked me how can I chat with my microphone. I said: Press X.
How long can you play each day?= 2/3 hours, in weekends even more.
Are you active on both forums and in-game?= In game I am more active than on the forums, but I will change that.
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?= No, once has to be your first!
Do you respect owners?= Yes I do.
Have you broken any rules?= No
Do players like you?= I think they do.
How long you been playing TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) ?= For like 100 hours in total, and gmod 180 hours I think.
Do you have any experience in programming? If so what= No, but I want to study it. So this might help me out a bit.
Tell us a little about yourself= I am 15 years old, I live in The Netherlands. I am a Boy. I do Gymnastics for the ones who want to know what I do for sports. In my free time I game, and go out when I want to.

Thanks for watching my Mod Application,
Twan van Antwerpen.


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