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Orange Squash Mod Application Empty Orange Squash Mod Application

Post by OrangeSquash on Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:17 pm

Ingame name: OrangeSquash
Real Name: Matthew JC
Age: 14
GameTime: 13-14 hrs
Reasons:I think its one of the best TTT servers and would like to be a part of it Smile
Have I helped Someone: I don't understand this Q
How long can you play per day:Depends on what im doing but usually around 3-7 hrs per day
Are you active...:Im definitely active in game, forums i just joined yesterday
Staff: I was Staff on Sexy Traitor town for a day or was a glitch when someone was supposed to be modded.
Respect: Of course
Rules: I have RDM'd a couple of times, but only when someone looks shifty and havent really done nothing wrong.
Like: I dont know if they like me...ill have to ask em
GameTime: I have been playing TTT 200hrs Total
Exp in programming: No
Me Myself and I: I tend not to lie and live in Scotland so my accent is a little hard to make out Smile

Matthew Cannon (OrangeSquash)


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Orange Squash Mod Application Empty Re: Orange Squash Mod Application

Post by [RTX]Paul on Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:19 pm

OrangeSquash wrote:live in Scotland
I too live in Scotland.

10/10 Would bang


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