Wolff 's Application :D

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Wolff 's Application :D Empty Wolff 's Application :D

Post by Graff Wolff on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:55 am

In-game name- Graff Wolff

real name- Stefan Wolfgang (I prefer not to be called by this name! >:l)

how old are you?- 18 Very Happy

How long have you been playing the server?- 1 day ><

Why do you think you should be a part of our staff in RetributionX?- Because you need me Very Happy and I luv getting rid of anything that doesn't meet our standards

Does anyone think you deserve it? I don't know..do you?

Why do you think you deserve it? Deserve is a big word, my friend. But I would like to fill a possition Smile

Have you helped someone?- Anyone who asks for it

How long can you play each day?- Mostly 2 or 3 hours a day.. .sometimes more Very Happy

Are you active on both forums and in-game?- Uhm, will be...I guess :L

Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?- Staff on many Minecraft server..that's for one..Never on Gmod server though :p

Do you respect owners?- I love owners Very Happy

Have you broken any rules?- Once...because I needed to learn how to play TTT, but have not broken any on this server

Do players like you?- Depends...Most do..according to me.

How long you been playing TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) ?- About 72 hours?? more or less

Do you have any experience in programming? If so what- well, I followed some courses and had some lessons in programming on High school. Not anymore in College though

Tell us a little about yourself- I love playing fair and right. though I love making jokes and fun too, life isn't so dull if you do so :p But I would never harm anyone in the proces.. Though on minecraft, one time I went too far..but I made up with the persons involved Very Happy.
I do quite a lot of managing at work, I have quite some responsabilities, and been creddited with a raise for handling it so well lately Very Happy
Hope I could help out, if not.. no sweat Very Happy I love just playing too..but I will irritate my head off if any RDMers are active and I am just sitting there being mad at them...without any actual power Sad

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Wolff 's Application :D Empty Re: Wolff 's Application :D

Post by Mr McSexy on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:50 pm

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your application and interest in joining the RetributionX staff team!

Thanks for your Application! as you can see I'm always active on the forums and anything posted I will always reply on. Please notice, I have read your staff application and it seems to interest me I will keep a close eye on you and get back to you ASAP.

~Yours Truly, Josh.
Mr McSexy
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